Bella 14326 12L Toaster Oven – Fits perfectly for 4 bread slices or full 9-inch pizza!


Ease of use

Bella 14326 3-Dial Toaster Oven

If you hadn’t used a toaster oven, then buy one as it cooks your food quickly and tasty. Besides, compared to microwave ovens, these toaster ovens occupy less space. So, you can simply adjust it in your kitchen. Many of the toaster ovens in these days provided to toast, bake, broil, and also with grill racks.

Through this options, you can use these ovens for multipurpose cooking. You can buy the Bella 14326 3-Dial Toaster Oven which includes many features that make your cooking easy. Also, if you are getting late for your work, you can instantly toast bread for your breakfast with the Bella 14326 Toaster Oven. 

The 4 Slice Toaster Oven Bella used to bake 9″ pizza as well as to warm your food. Moreover, Bella 14326 3-Dial Toaster Oven unique design gives your kitchen an elegant look. You can also go through the Bella Toaster Oven Reviews by customers to assure yourself to buy the toaster oven. So, let’s check out the Bella Toaster 4 Slice features and specs to make your toaster oven search easy.

Bella 14326 3-Dial Toaster Oven

This Bella Kitchen Toaster Oven not only toasts but also gives you the best cooking performance. The Powerful 1200 watts quartz elements used to heat the food. Moreover, the Bella 14326 Toaster Oven 4 Slice Capacity is up to 12L through which you can cook simply. You are provided with the 5 different settings as per your food requirement. You can also use the grill rack with 2 positions to make various foods and casserole sizes. The ready indicator light remembers you about the food, and the cool touch handle included for safety and ease of mind of the customer.

The 30-minute timer is available in the Bella 4 Slice Toaster Oven along with a toast shade selector for better toasting results. Another feature of this Best Bella Toasters is that it provides an external slide-out crumb tray to clean manually. The 4 Slice Toaster Oven Bella includes bake pan and the wire rack. Moreover, you are provided with a 2-year warranty for the Bella kitchen Toaster Oven. Also, the majority of the customers who bought the Oven has given the excellent Bella Toaster reviews.


  • Design
  • Temperature Setting
  • Setting Function Modes
  • Setting the Bella 4 Slice Toaster Oven Timer
  • Capacity and Cleaning of Bella 4 Slice Toaster Oven
  • Warranty

Bella Toaster Oven comes with the two different colors so that you can choose anyone from grey and black. The Bella 4 Slice Toaster Oven stylish look gives your kitchen an elegant look which suits any kitchen interior. Moreover, the tempered glass makes it easy to see the food inside the toaster oven. So, if you think your food is burning, you can simply take it out.

You can turn the temperature dial set to clockwise for your desired setting. The Bella 4 Slice Toaster Oven temperature can set from 150° F to 450° F as per your food requirement. Bread Slices, Pizzas, Toast, bake, broil and others require different temperature settings. So with his feature you can cook anything perfectly. Also, you can keep your food warm after the completion of cooking with the ‘Keep Warm’ setting.

Bella 14326 Toaster Oven 4 Slice Capacity offers you five different settings as per your cooking preference.

  • Keep Warm Mode: You can use this setting to keep the food warm when the food is ready.
  • Bagel Mode: In this mode, only the upper heating elements function to cook the food. So, for optimal performance, you can turn the temperature selector to the max.
  • Broil Mode: You can use this mode in which only the upper elements produce heat. And, to have the optimal performance of the oven, turn the temperature selector to max mode.
  • Bake Mode: use this mode, to bake the food items, as this mode provides the upper and lower heat for complete heating operation of the oven.
  • Toast Mode: As you know this mode used to toast the bread slices evenly. Moreover, you can turn the temperature selector for the optimum performance of the toaster oven.

The timer comes with the 30-minute setting. So, you can set the timer simply using the selector provided in the toaster oven. Moreover, the Bella Toaster Oven will not turn on, until you set the timer. Also, when the time limit completes, the toaster oven produces a bell sound which means that the food is ready. The power supply will automatically cut off. Besides this, you can also change the timer during the cooking process of this best toaster oven 2019.

Bella 14326 Toaster Oven provides the 12L capacity to cook. You can clean the Bella Toaster Oven easily by going through some steps. Always make sure to unplug the toaster oven before cleaning. Also, allow the oven to cool. Then, you can clean the rack and baking tray using the mild, soaped water. And, you can clean the glass with a wet cloth. Never immerse your oven in the water or any liquids. Besides all this, be sure to dry the parts of the Bella 14326 Toaster Oven 4 Slice Capacity before using. Moreover, you can use the Bella 4 Slice Toaster Oven Manual for your reference. 

Bella 14326 3-Dial Toaster Oven comes with the2 years limited warranty. So, during this period, if you see any damage regarding the toaster oven complain it to Bella Company. The Bella will provide the required repair or replacement of the oven. Also, Bella provided their toll-free number to contact the customer service about your doubts.


Specification Name Value
Product Name
Bella 14326 3-Dial Toaster Oven
Grey, Black
19.2 inches x 12.3 inches x 11.2 inches
Product Weight
6 pounds
Setting types
Broil, Bagels, Toast, Bake and Keep Warm
Bake rack, crumb tray, and broil pan

Bella 14326 Toaster Oven 4 Slice Capacity Review

Toaster Ovens make your day easy with its quick cooking ability. So, you can toast the bread slices, bagels, or pizza easily. Bella Toaster Oven simply adjusts in your kitchen due to its compact size. Also, the Bella 14326 3-Dial Toaster Oven fulfils all your toasting and baking issues in just minutes. As you are busy in your daily life, this Bella 4 Slice Toaster Oven 14326 use is better to save your time and to increase the taste of the food. Bella Provides the best toaster ovens with good performance. Also, many of the customers Bella 4 Slice Toaster Oven reviews say that they provide the best results. You can buy the Bella 14326 3 Dial Toaster Oven from Amazon for the best price.

Quick View of Bella 14326 3-Dial Toaster Oven

  • The Toaster Oven fits 9″ pizza and 4-slices of toast easily.
  • Includes 2-position grill rack.
  • 30-minute timer and ready indicator light.
  • 5-settings to use like toast, bake, broil, keep warm and the bagel.
  • Comes with bake rack, crumb tray, wire rack and broil pan.
  • 12 Liter capacity.
  • Includes 1200 watt quartz power elements.
  • 2-years limited warranty.


  • Timer
  • Easy to clean
  • Large Capacity


  • In this Toaster Oven Bella, you can cook four slice toast and 9″ pizza
  • Selectable settings for different cooking performance
  • Bella Toaster Oven has the 12L capacity
  • Also, the oven alerts you with a bell sound, when the food is ready
  • Ready indicator light to indicate you to the oven’s working
  • 2 years warranty provided to this Bella 4 Slice Toaster Oven
  • You can select the temperature with the help of selector provided
  • 30-minute timer to choose for your various cooking items


  • Bella Kitchen Toaster Oven has the limited capacity
  • This Toaster Oven exterior heats up quickly

Bottom Line

To save your time and to have better performance use the Bella 14326 3-Dial Toaster Oven. This Toaster Oven provides you with the broil, bake, toast, bagels, and some other settings to make the different types of foods easily. Also, if you are thinking of buying a toaster oven, you also have the advantage as it occupies the less space. So, you can simply place it anywhere. Moreover, the Bella 4 Slice Toaster Oven gives your kitchen a rich look which attracts everyone because of its stylish look. You can install and maintain the Bella Toaster Oven by going through the Bella 4 Slice Toaster Oven Manual. Therefore, the Bella 14326 3-Dial Toaster Oven is the perfect option to choose from other toaster ovens. You can buy the Bella toaster from Amazon Toaster oven with the best price. 

With this Bella Toaster Oven, you can use bake, toast, broil, and bagel settings. You can also cook 9″pizza too. You can clean and maintain the oven easily. As it prepares your food within minutes, buy this amazing toaster oven now on Amazon at the best price.

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