Make your cooking tasks simple with these Top Rated Breville Toaster Ovens 2020

Make your cooking tasks simple with these Top Rated Breville Toaster Ovens 2020

Best Breville toaster ovens

Are you looking for a perfect tool for making toast? Breville toaster oven helps you do all your toasting tasks. While these mini ovens do produce perfectly toasted bread, they can perform a whole lot more. An oven toaster is also more energy efficient than a regular oven and has the ability to brown and crispy foods in a way that a regular microwave can’t. Toaster ovens have grown up, in more ways than one. They are not just a horizontal way to heat a slice of pizza or toast bread. You can see toaster ovens large enough to toast six or more slices of bread at a time. Some have two racks for holding even more food.

Best Rated Breville toaster oven Reviews

Breville is well-known for making some of the best kitchen tools in the market and the Breville toaster ovens are no different. As a matter of fact, their Smart Toaster Ovens are the most popular toaster ovens that are currently available. If you are looking for top-end toaster ovens that look great, having tons of user-friendly options, and cooks like no other oven in the market, then the Breville Toaster Oven is the right choice for you. A toaster oven can create extra cooking space for large families or can be a convenient appliance for singles. Let us have a look on these Best Rated Toaster oven reviews.

Top 10 Breville Toaster Ovens for Sale

Breville Pro BOV845BSS Toaster Oven

Breville BOV845BSS Smart Brushed Stainless Steel Convection Toaster Oven image
  • Interior light
  • Quality Oven
  • Easy to use

Breville BOV900BSS Toaster Oven

Breville BOV900BSS Convection and Air Fry Smart Brushed Stainless Steel Microwave Oven image
  • Versatile
  • Easy to clean
  • LCD Display

Breville BOV450XL Smart Oven

Breville BOV450XL Mini Smart Oven image
  • Easy to use
  • Compact design
  • Temperature accuracy

The Breville BOV845BSS is very similar to the BOV800XL. It is an 1800-watt oven with Element IQ technology. There are 5 quartz elements inside the toaster that moves heat to where it is needed when it is needed. The benefit of this Breville toaster oven is that food will be more evenly cooked and you can be able to get the required outcome of the different cooking functions from the more advanced heating technology. 

Breville’s 10 preset cooking functions are the bagel, toast, roast, bake, broil, pizza, reheat, cookies, warm, and slow cook. You use the function selector dial to choose what requires to be done. The Smart Oven Pro feature is intuitive to use while the LCD display shows you the time and temperature for the cooking function selected.

  • Easy cleaning

  • Element IQ technology

  • Interior Oven Light

  • Auto Shutoff

You can change both the cooking time and temperature by using the corresponding control dial. The LCD display also changes colour from blue to orange when the toaster is in cooking mode. There is also an inbuilt fan in this Breville bov845bss to give it the convection feature. The fan circulates air inside the oven that reduces cooking time. You can speed up your cooking time by as much a 30% if you use the convection feature. 

The slow cook function of this Breville smart oven pro bov845bss is another extra that enables you to add a new dish to the dinner table. However, you can’t find this feature in most other toaster ovens. The crumb tray of this Breville toaster oven is a pull-out drawer that is accessible from the front. For instance, the rack is automatically ejected when the door is pulled open.




  • Interior light
  • Quality Oven
  • Very easy to use
  • Slow cook capability
  • Simple functions


  • Sides get hot easily

The Breville BOV900BSS the smart oven air does everything that your conventional oven can’t so as to bring extensive cooking versatility to your everyday meal making. The Breville toaster oven has PID temperature control, automatically adjustable Element IQ heating system, super convection with two-speed fan and a total of 13 pre-programmed settings. 

However, all these options let you roast, broil, bake and slow cook with even and precise cooking temperatures. Whether you are roasting chicken, making pizzas, warming appetizers, baking cookies or toasting bagels, you don’t necessarily have to monitor this oven toaster as it cooks. As such, you will have a lot of time to concentrate on the other cooking jobs, or even relax at the kitchen that fills up with torturing aromas.

  • LCD Display

  • Super Convection Technology

  • Temperature Control

  • Easy to use

In addition, with the Dehydrate and Air Fry settings of this Breville bov900bss the smart oven air, silver, you can always make a wide range of delicious and light snacks that are ideal for health-conscious eaters. That may include crispy French fries and crunchy kale chips. The Breville BOV900BSS is also backed by a manufacturer’s one-year limited warranty. 

Another bonus of the Breville smart oven air is the ability to use it as a slow cooker by pairing it with a covered dish like Lodge’s Dutch Oven or casserole. If you are going for more capacity and cooking capabilities, the BOV900BSS Breville toaster oven is one of the larger convection toaster ovens on the market that carries a little price.




  • Offers great heating
  • Quite easy to clean
  • Best toaster oven for baking
  • Very versatile


  • No even heating
  • A bit noisy

The Breville toaster oven BOV450XL features 1,800 Watts of power and eight different preset cooking settings. That may include bagel, toast, pizza, reheat, roast, cookies, broil, and bake. By using preset functions, the Breville BOV450XL mini smart oven allows you change the default settings that better suit your specific recipe or cooking needs. This level of versatility is pretty unique for toaster ovens, especially within this price range. 

The new settings of this Breville bov450xl mini smart oven with element IQ will be stored till you change them again or unplug the machine. Moreover, directly underneath the cooking dial is an LCD display. It displays the temperature and the time, with easy-to-use up and down buttons that are built into the same panel.The LCD display itself changes colours based on what your Breville toaster oven is doing.

  • Smart element IQ

  • Temperature Control

  • Compact Design

  • Easy to use

When the unit is on, the display lights orange. When the light turns blue, the cooking cycle was completed. Inside the Breville mini smart oven, there are heating elements at the top and bottom. They are made out of quartz, that is very sensitive to heat. This best Breville is equipped with Element IQ technology. Hence, the heat will be distributed properly and channelled to the necessary parts in line with any of the particular cooking functions. 

Moreover, underneath the LCD panel, you can find a button titled “A Bit More.” This is another unique feature of the Breville toaster oven BOV450XL. This allows you to add a bit more time to the cooking cycle, without stopping the toaster oven or completely resetting the cooking time. You can also find a “Snowflake” symbol. When pressing, this tells the oven toaster that the meal you are preparing is frozen.




  • Compact design
  • Good temperature accuracy
  • Nice cooking performance
  • Easy to use


  • Loud timer

This top-pick toaster oven Breville turns out a perfectly baked cake, potatoes and even a three-pound chicken. The Compact Breville  Smart Oven also toasts bread quickly and consistently. In addition, its seven settings will brown your slices to the specific shade you want. The Breville BOV650XL Compact Smart Oven is a smaller, step-down version of Breville’s wildly popular, spacious convection toaster oven. 

Though the BOV650XL Breville does not have a convection function, with 1,800 watts of power and “smart” heating elements, users say it cooks everything right from chicken to pizza to cake, evenly and fairly quickly. The BOV650XL smart oven can hold four slices of bread at a time. The backlit LCD on the Breville toaster oven shows the correct time and temperature. Plus, the oven toaster shuts off automatically when your cooking is done.

  • Smart element IQ

  • Backlit Easy-Read LCD

  • Temperature Control

  • Easy to clean

Many of us love its countdown timer function that displays the time remaining till your food or toast is done. The eight presets on the Breville BOV650XL Compact Smart Oven namely, bagel, roast, pizza, reheat, toast, bake, broil and cookies. There are three rack positions in this Breville Toaster oven for various tasks. However, the rack cannot pull out automatically when the door opens. 

The BOV650XL oven’s interior walls feature a nonstick coating and its pullout crumb tray is easy to clean. The accessories of this best Breville toaster oven include an enamel baking pan and broil rack, as well as a ribbed plate warming tray. Although it bills itself as “compact,” the Breville toaster oven BOV650XL is actually comparable in size to other mid-sized toaster ovens. Moreover, the Breville’s stainless steel finish looks attractive in variety of kitchens, and its large display and minimalist controls give modern styling.




  • Toasts bread quickly
  • Good at baking potatoes
  • Equipped with heavy duty enamel
  • Easy to use controls
  • Automatic shutoff


  • Cooks only four slices of bread
  • Exteriors get hot easily

The Breville BOV800XL cooks bagels, bread, pizza, cookies and even roasts. Its large capacity can hold a 13-inch pizza or six slices of bread. But Breville smart oven BOV800XL is still a compact toaster oven. This Breville Toaster Oven weighs only 17 pounds and occupies minimal counter space. Moreover, the Breville BOV800XL smart oven also has one wire rack inside that you can adjust. 

However, this is a convection toaster oven, that means it uses a fan to heat food more quickly and evenly. Unlike all other conventional ovens which remove the cold air that surrounds your food and replacing it with heat. This best toaster oven also has an insulated dual-wall door and glass window that retains the heat inside the unit. This helps your food cook efficiently. The Breville BOV800XL small toaster oven has a sleek design.

  • Element IQ technology

  • LCD Display

  • Interior Oven Light

  • Temperature Control

  • Energy Efficiency

The digital display screen of this Breville bov800xl smart oven shows the temperature, timer and preset options. When you preheat this oven toaster, it automatically starts the timer when it has reached the your desired setting. To adjust the cook functions, time and temperature, you simply use the dials till you find desired settings. This Breville mini smart oven also has buttons to select defrost or convection cooking and to change between Celsius and Fahrenheit. 

The Breville toaster oven comes with several preset buttons you can choose from, or you can adjust the temperature manually between 120 and 500 degrees Fahrenheit using the bake, broil and defrost settings. The toaster oven consumes 1,800 watts when in use, which is more than most of the other toaster ovens in our lineup.




  • Seven toast settings
  • Good at baking potatoes
  • Shuts off automatically
  • LCD Control panel
  • Nine Menu functions


  • No battery expansion cap

The product mentioned in the list of Best Breville toaster oven, is the company flagship, BOV650XL model, which can be the perfect choice for small households with 2 to 3 people and also for kitchens with not so large countertop space as well. Though like many other great quality Toaster ovens, this particular one does not feature the convection mode, but this one is smart, compact and can also cook foods pretty fast than any other generic toaster ovens. Also referred as the “Ferrari of the Toaster oven” by so many websites and critiques, this Breville Toaster oven is smart and sleek, and definitely look good in any types of Kitchen Décor as well.

  • Toasting capacity is 4 slices of bread at a time

  • Wattage: 1800 watt

  • Smart and sleek toaster oven, manufactured with polished stainless-steel

  • Equipped with Element IQ feature

  • 8-preset modes includes bagels, toast, bake, roast, broil, pizza, reheat and cookies

  • Auto shut-off feature

  • LCD display

  • Triple-tiered rack positioning

  • Interior is coated with non-stick material

The stainless-steel outlook is not only adding a sparkle to the entire appliance but also acts the shield against rusts and other harmful deposits. From the built perspective, irrespective of its small size, this toaster oven is durable and definitely meant to last. Now coming to the features and the functioning of this particular toaster oven, it is equipped with state-of-the-art Element IQ technology, which enables the machine to put right amount of power to the specific heating elements at proper time and where it is needed most to complete the desired cooking process. 

Along with this particular highly advanced feature and 8-different pre-set modes for different types of foods, this appliance not only delivers the best result after completion of a cooking process, but also energy saving as well. With the temperature, time and mode settings controllers and the in-built digital display, using the Breville Toaster oven is also hassle free and can be handled by literally anybody.




  • Advanced IQ technology
  • Front access crumb tray for easy cleaning
  • User friendly and easy to use functions
  • The appliance is durable and definitely meant to last
  • Auto shut-off features
  • Energy saving


  • No interior light is included
  • Very expensive for a simple toaster oven
  • No convection mode
  • rack is not automatically rejected when the door opens

Breville is an Australian manufacturer and marketer of the best small home appliances. The company was established in Sydney in 1932. They created the original sandwich toaster. in some countries “Breville” has become the generic word for a sandwich toaster, and often the toasted sandwich itself.

Breville started its business in over 30 countries including Brazil, China, South Africa, Mexico, and Israel. In 2002, the Breville brand was launched in Canada and the United States. The company makes contact grills, espresso machines, kettles, toasters, pressure cookers, microwave ovens, bread makers, coffee makers, juicers, blenders, deep fryers and food processors.

Using the Breville toaster oven is extremely easy and hassle free. As the appliance comes in the ready-to-use package, it is kind of a plug and play type. All the user needs to do to place the appliance in the required space on the countertop, then plug the machine to the nearest power source, then it is good to go. To initiate cooking process, select the desired cooking ode from the 8 pre-set menus if possible and the Breville Toaster oven will automatically choose the required temperature and time to conclude that particular cooking process. 

And if your desired cooking setting is not on the pre-set menu, then you can easily modify the time and temperature settings as per your need and necessity.

Cleaning of any particular Breville toaster oven is completely similar and generic to other oven cleaning processes. All you need to do is:

  • unplug the oven from the power source.
  • Remove all additional and removable parts like the wire racks or the crumb tray from the oven and thorough clean them with regular dish soap solution.
  • Then rub the interior of the Breville toaster oven with a homemade cleaning solution made of baking soda and water. As the interior of the Breville toaster oven is coated with non-stick materials, food splatter will not be built up on the oven wall and can easily be wiped away.
  • Clean the interior of the oven with a clean and dry cloth, preferably cotton or microfibre.

As we all know, Toaster Ovens are very useful and handy appliances to have in any Kitchen. Given the prominent place, this best oven toaster has many countertops, style is important. But you may also want your under cabinet toaster oven to make great toast. With that being said, toaster ovens have been around for a while and there are plenty of advancements and new technologies that have been added to them over the years. Hence, keep reading below to find out how to choose the best toaster oven?

Firstly, a toaster oven had to have a temperature gauge just like on a regular full-sized oven.  Most of us didn’t want an oven that said simply Low/Medium/High. Rather, we choose a toaster oven that shows the °C value. Hence, if you are only buying a toaster oven for making toasties and browning the top of mash-topped dishes then this may not be as important.I use my oven toaster as the main oven. Hence, having a full/proper temperature gauge is essential.

Another temperature-related feature of a toaster oven is its preheating system. Selecting the best toaster oven with an effective range of preheating features can save you more time, and retain flavour in every item you cook. These options are very helpful when you pull frozen food out of the freezer to pop straight in the oven toaster. They completely cut out the time-consuming method of defrosting! Make sure you read any under cabinet toaster oven reviews. Reading this toaster oven review tells you if people are happy with all aspects of the model and any downsides.

No, most of the toaster ovens are come equipped with a timer. This, for me, is one of the real benefits as you can turn it on and know there’ll be a “ping”. Moreover, the oven will turn off once it’s completed cooking. There are many people who become distracted all the time. Hence, this saves them burning food. Most timers will range from 0-60 minutes. However, most of our cooking is done in the 10-25 minute ranges.

Most of us wanted our toaster oven to have a choice of shelf positions. A few of them don’t. Hence, this is one feature you need to keep an eye on. One benefit you can notice of this is that, at some future point, you would want to get the second shelf, to use occasionally. This would not even be a choice unless there is more than one shelf setting.

Moreover, all of us want a convenient view of what is happening inside a toaster oven. We all like to watch our dish get ready as we can quite often decide whether we should take it off a little bit earlier or keep it cooking few more minutes. By having a convection toaster oven with an interior light that is bright, and clear see-through door, we can watch our food without opening the door and losing heat. The bright light of this toaster oven is also helpful anytime you want to clean your oven as it makes it a lot easier to spot all the crumbs and stains.

The power cord length is one of the major factors that is somewhat underestimated. Not many people show awareness to that one. Depending on the number of power sockets, as well as other machines you have in your kitchen, a short power cord might be a huge obstacle. It may be impossible to put the toaster oven where you find it most convenient to use. To avoid having to relocate too many things in your kitchen for the sake of turning on your oven, check whether the length of power cord is extended enough. However, a short power cord is useless, as per my experience.

Most of us have a small kitchen, so think about where it would sit when not in use. I would like to have a clutter-free kitchen. Hence, I measured my existing microwave and then compared the dimensions of the toaster ovens to that. Most were smaller, hence, it may not be an issue. You can also measure up your larger cupboards so that you can keep it up put it away in any cupboard. Overall size is not especially important to most of the people. Surprisingly, a toaster oven is as light as a toaster, it is nowhere near as heavy as a microwave oven, hence it can easily be “popped away”.

Toaster ovens currently come in either a 2 or 4 slice capacity. Even though some offer 2 wide slots that can easily accommodate 4 slices.

If you relish bagels or happen to only wish to have one side of a piece of bread toasted, then you love having a Bagel setting. The Bagel setting of your top rated toaster oven toasts only one side of the bagel instead of both. Hence, by using the Bagel setting, be sure to put the bagel in so that each open face of the bagel is facing inwards, else your bagel can only be toasted on the outside! Most toaster ovens that feature a Bagel setting shall have an image that indicates how to properly place the bagel.

Most toaster ovens usually have an option that lets you select how dark you want your toast to be. Typically, the higher the shade setting the darker the toast can turn out. Be sure to pay attention to the specific oven’s instructions to accurately select your perfect shade.

Many oven toasters now come with a crumb tray. These Crumb Trays are extremely convenient as they can be easily removed, letting you quickly dispose of any crumbs. Crumb Trays also help make cleaning the toaster an easy process.

Some toasters feature a Defrost setting that can defrost your bread and then toast it in one easy step. Defrost settings come in handy for any family that typically freezes your bread. Not all toaster ovens offer the ability to defrost, so be sure to pay close attention to the specific model’s features prior to purchasing.

Toaster ovens that feature a Reheat setting can reheat your food without any toasting or browning. A Reheat setting is a great way to heat up leftovers without losing the crunch. Toaster Reheat settings are unlike microwave oven reheat settings, that typically result in soggy or soft reheated food.

Most toasters both old and new features a lift lever that lifts your food up once it is ended being toasted for easy removal. Though lift levers are quite typical in toasters, some newer toaster ovens highlight automatic lifts. Toasters that feature an automatic lift can lift your toast with just the single press of a button.

Displays are not as common when it comes to traditional toasters. However, they are often seen on toaster ovens. Toasters with displays may indicate the setting you are currently on, the shade setting, or even the time remaining. Though these displays may not be common, they do give a convenient way to ensure that you are on your desired toast setting.

If you are worried about safety, you definitely want to consider the toaster housing. The Toaster housings that are made out of metal typically hold heat. However, those that feature cool reach steel or a plastic housing are less likely to retain heat, making them good for any family with young kids.


What is a Breville Smart Oven?

Breville smart oven is a modern oven, which has better features and digital control, which would help you in getting better cooking experience

How to clean the Breville toaster oven?

You can clean the Breville toaster oven by-

  1. Unplug the toaster oven before cleaning it.
  2. Wipe away the dirt and stains using a damp cloth, soaked in mild soapy water.
  3. Empty the crumb tray to avoid over piling. 
How to turn off the Breville toaster oven?

To turn off the Breville toaster oven, press the Stop button or the power button for a few seconds until you hear a beep sound.

Which oven toaster is better between All Clad and Breville?

Breville is a better oven, as compared to All Clad, as the former one has better reviews and is a favourite amongst the customers.

How hot does the Breville toaster oven get?

Breville toaster ovens heats upto 48.8 degrees to 232.2 degree centigrade.

How to quiet beep on Breville smart oven pro toaster oven?

 To silence the Breville smart oven, you can select the Frozen option present on the toaster oven body.

Is the Breville Smart Oven Air worth it?

Yes, the Breville Smart oven air is worth your money, as it has a variety of features and you can trust the company.

The Breville toaster oven has all the best features and functionality of a full-size oven. With a wide selection of safety and convenience features, this oven toaster is safe, easy to use and capable of making a wide variety of foods. While it uses more power than other commercial toaster ovens in our lineup, it also comes with more features and capabilities. This best Breville Toaster oven made the best toast, most delectable cookies, and some of the tastiest bagels you have ever had the privilege of eating. Moreover, they also have astounding temperature accuracy, making a better choice for discerning bakers, and its controls made it far and away our favourite oven to use

Hope you all enjoyed this best Toaster oven review. Keep visiting us to get the latest and updated Toaster oven reviews. Thank you………… Happy shopping!!!

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